The truffière at Nannup Truffles is offering a unique opportunity to truffle lovers to become part of this special project – The Nannup Truffle Growers Co-operative Ltd.

Nannup Truffle Growers Co-operative has entered into a Share Farming Agreement with the Land Owner – Nannup Truffle Farm Pty Ltd, wherein the Net Proceeds of the truffière are shared = 75% to the Co-operative and 25% to the Land Owner.

A Membership in the project can be purchased for a one off subscription price of $1,750. If we achieve forecasts – returns will grow to 20% per annum as we reach commercial production.

Truffles can wholesale at $1,000/kg and retail up to $3,000/kg. On this basis, members are forecast to receive an estimated 20% return after tax per annum and can take their share of the proceeds in cash or truffles at a farm gate price.

If members choose to take their profit in truffles – they can receive Truffles to the equivalent wholesale value of $250 – which is a retail value in the vicinity of $500 to $750 per year.

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Membership – each share is $1,750

Each share subscribed for in the Co-operative is $1,750 per share which is the equivalent value to six oak trees per share.

Full details of the Membership Share offer and Application are found in the Information Memorandum & Disclosure Statement. Or click the button below.

Information Memorandum & Disclosure Statement


Buy a Membership as a unique gift

For a unique and long-lasting gift, a Membership in a truffle farm could be perfect for a loved one, or as a corporate gift.

If you are buying a Membership as a gift, you can separate the billing and shipping elements of the transaction.

The purchaser will receive confirmation of the invoicing, and the person being delivered to will receive the Membership Share.

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