Membership Application

Membership Application

Applicant's full legal name

Mailing address

Application and Acknowledgements

I hereby apply for Membership of the Co-operative and acknowledge and warrant that:

  1. If accepted as a member of the Co-operative I will be bound by contract to the Co-operative’s Rules.
  2. I had the right to request to either inspect at the Co-operative’s office, or be sent -
    1. a consolidated copy of the rules of the Co-operatives; and
    2. a copy of all special resolutions applicable to members and passed at a members meeting since the last AGM or the Co-operative, except special resolutions providing for an alteration to the rules of the Co-operative; and
    3. a copy of the most recent financial information reported to Member under the Co-operatives Act 2009 (WA) as amended.
  3. I meet the prerequisite requirements for membership of the Co-operative.
  4. I am required to subscribe for at least one ordinary share in the capital of the Co-operative.
  5. Subscription fee for one ordinary share is $1,750 comprised of $50.00 nominal value plus $1,700.00 share premium.
  6. The Co-operative makes no warranty or representation regarding the benefits of membership.
  7. This application is based on my own assessment of benefits expected to be derive from Co-operative membership.
  8. The above email address is provided for the purpose of receiving communication from the Co-operative.
  9. If accepted as a Member I will ensure the Co-operative has a current email address for member communications.
  10. Co-operative is not required to give any reason should this application be declined.
  11. If this application is not accepted for any reason a full refund will be made without interest and without deduction.