Executive Summary

  • WA is becoming a substantial producer of “French Black Truffles in the South West of WA.


  • “French Black Truffles” are highly prized and highly priced – fetching between $1,000 and $3,000 per kg in season.


  • Nannup Truffle Growers Co-operative has entered into a Share Farming Agreement with the Land Owner – Nannup Truffle Farm Pty Ltd – wherein the Truffière and the Co-op will share in the profits from the sale of Truffles.


  • Truffles begin producing from Years 4 to 5 and begin to reach full production stage from Years 6 onwards.


  • A Share in the Co-operative will cost $1,750 – which is equivalent to 6 trees.


  • Truffières generally take approximately 6 years to reach full production stage – with some varieties earlier and some later, and is highly dependent upon the local conditions.  The South West of WA has excellent results in production and early production with some Truffières achieving extraordinarily high and early yields.


  • The Australian Truffle Growers Association reports “Growers have been consistently getting Truffles after 4 to 5 years with the new technology being employed”.


  • Some Truffières in Australia have had poor production yields but WA has had very high yields, some purportedly as high as 1kg per tree or 400kg per hectare.  European and US reports suggest 100kg to 120kg per hectare is achievable.


  • The Co-operative has forecast yields from maturity of approximately 220g per tree or 100kg per hectare. Based upon these yields forecast returns to Co-operative members could exceed 20% per annum after tax.  (Although there is no guarantee of these yields).


  • The conservative forecast yields can be demonstrated as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.06.22 PM

  • Forecast Returns to Investors (but not guaranteed):

Yield Graph for Website.xlsx

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