Truffles in Australia are a relatively new product – having been produced only in the last 17 years – as opposed to the value ascribed to truffles in Europe since the 17th Century.

Truffle production in Western Australia has only reached current successes in the last 10 years! But that success has been exceptional with WA producing over 80% of Australia’s total truffle production.

The Co-op was founded from an idea by Perth businessman Dave Somerville. Being a “foodie” Dave has always loved beautiful food, so a natural progression from “discovering” truffles was becoming “obsessed” with them.

So, Dave commenced his education in the sector and has sought out the best experience in the industry.

Dr Nick Malajczuk is the founder of the truffle industry in Australia, having initiated the inoculation and growing of truffles in Western Australia and Tasmania.

Dave’s experience in the Co-operative sector and business sector – together with the beautiful farmland in Nannup, WA – provided the perfect combination to establish a Truffière.

A Co-operative structure – being a membership based Co-operative – is the perfect way to enable many people to share in the benefits of owning a share in a Truffière.

A Share Farming Agreement between the Co-operative and the Land Owner ensures that all parties are working together to achieve the best production, the best yields and the best prices!

With 6,000 Oak trees – 3,000 English and 3,000 French – planted in 2017, the Co-operative has successfully established a members owned Truffière – certainly the first in Australia – maybe the world!!

Our First Truffle!Our First Truffle!

All you need is the right science, trees, the right spores and a little bit of know-how.


Nannup is a quaint south west town which is best known for its music festival, flower festivals and beautiful heritage. With wonderful accommodation, lavender and cheese farms, and gourmet foods, it is the perfect locality for a Truffière.

The town has a population of about 600, and the main street has changed little over the years so has considerable heritage value.

Nannup is about 40 minutes South East of Busselton, and 50 minutes due East of Margaret River, where the environmental conditions of this area are perfect for growing Truffles.

It has warm summers and cool, wet winters. But the winters are warmer than any truffle growing area in the world. Certainly warmer than France or even Italy.

The super fertile soil in the Margaret River / Great Southern area is world-famous and is a special factor that encourages truffle growth.

No surprise then that this region of WA produces more Truffles than anywhere else in Australia and exports huge quantities all over the world.


Nannup is a quaint south west town which is best known for its music festival, flower festivals and beautiful heritage.