Great Southern Truffles

Great Southern Truffles, under the expert directorship of Adam Wilson, is acting as the truffière Manager at Nannup Truffle Company.

Adam Wilson has been involved in the commercialisation of truffles with two of the largest truffières in Australia and has been buying, exporting and producing truffle products for the local and international market for 10 years.

Great Southern Truffles brings the experience of maximising the yield of truffles, and as a producer of truffle products, such as truffle butters, oils, salsa and salt, they guarantee a market for all the truffles produced.

Members will also get first trials of their new truffle products. They are currently working on truffle with seafood and in mashed potato.

Great Southern Truffles produces the finest quality truffle products Australia can offer including Truffle infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Truffle Honey, Black Truffle Mustard, the very best Fresh Truffle butter, and a famously rich Mushroom and Eggplant Truffle Salsa.

Great Southern Truffles have the experience of Federico Paci, an expert Mycologist from Italy to ensure its success.

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Great Southern Truffles products

Great Southern Truffles produce some of the finest quality truffle products in Australia